Friday, July 6, 2012

the longest penis vs the shortest man

I always wondered what do people find interesting. There was a time when Google published Zeitgeist - a top of queries for each country, but that fizzled. Here we'll have a look at what a tabloid finds its most viewed articles..

Not long ago I noticed an embarrassing “translation” of “Adevarul” (i.e., The Truth)  in engrish & 13, and also commented on news about someone’s death, who is identified both as “wife” as well as “lover”.  In what may seem like a poorly conceived attempt to save face (or, rather, to “SEO”), they publish a list of what’s popular on their website and what they call “quality press” (adv, link below):

  1. longdongsilver-Chandra_Bahadur_DangiIulian Ioncea published a news item about how “the longest penis in the world is almost as long as the shortest man on Earth” (Chandra Bahadur Dangi – 54.6 cm vs Daniel Arthur Mead aka Long Dong Silver, 45 cm). This produced 78600 views.
  2. Catalin Tolontan, a sports correspondent, writes a “speech” that Traian Basescu, the President was supposedly going to read regarding the protests against him on January 25, 2012. This gave him 77000 views and 50000 viewers. He had also coordinated the unmasking of Monica Iacob Ridzi corruption, though that did not get this “spike”.
  3. Cristian Tudor Popescu wrote an editorial about Basescu titled “the Great Masturbator”, claiming that the President masturbates daily in the mirror with the Power: 91000 views. Great_Masturbator-Salvador_DaliThis, incidentally, is the title of a famous surrealist painting by Salvador Dali.
  4. In “Evenimenul Zilei” (Day’s Event), is a most-likely apocryphal article written supposedly by a teacher who is confessing her forbidden affair with a high-school student – 69.786 views.
  5. On, a tabloid with no ambitions of “quality press”, an article with celebs scratching got 40000 views, a driver filmed swearing at a cop got 50000 and video clip with a bunch of partygoers from Moldavia who mimic sex got another 50000.

One thing I cannot figure out: what differentiates “quality press” from “tabloids”?!

Sources / More info: adv

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