Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yet another statutory rape

I stumbled upon a strange story: a 14 year old girl from Iasi, Romania, claims she was seduced by a 22 year old man and he “refuses to continue the relationship”.

This is how a tabloid presents it:

  • statutory-rapeWhat initially appeared to be a beautiful and sincere love story has turned into a scandal in the life of the lovers.
  • Madalina and Rusu Gabriel met in November 2011 and fell in love at first sight
  • The relationship started well, with nocturnal walks, visits to parents, and symbolic gifts
  • Gabriel wanted to have sex, she refused, he started to be jealous.
  • She then went to a gynaecologist, got a certificate of virginity, showed it to him and demanded that he marries her if they have sex.
  • After taking her virginity, he realized they could not get married because of her age so he broke up with her and he asked her to stop calling him.
  • She then found out she’s pregnant, claiming it’s his child; her parents sent her to Gabriel but he still refused to have anything to do with her.
  • She then went to the police and filed a criminal complaint, hoping to get him to start seeing her again or get revenge
  • Prosecutor-spokesperson Irina Perjoiu stated that he is under investigation and they can provide no data.

I remember many years ago I met this 17 y.o. girl through her mother, who insisted I go out with her because she was new in the country and had no friends. I was in my early 20s. When I realised she has this strange look in her eyes, when our date was over I walked her to the bus station and, before I could tell her that we will not see each other again, she hugged me tight without saying a word and would not let me go. I eventually managed to set myself free and to tell her goodbye. We met again when she was older.

However, the story above is rather strange. What was wrong with her parents?! What if she’s making up everything and he just took her to a movie or something?

Sources / More info: adi

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