Thursday, January 12, 2023

Napoleon Complex, Andrew Tate and Greta

Having recently learned about a supposed study on the Napoleonic Complex / Overcompensation “thesis” I tried tracking down that study and found others, more interesting.

One only needs to read on the Napoleonic Complex on Wikipedia to discover that “in psychology, the Napoleon complex is regarded as a derogatory social stereotype”. So recently, when I watched a France 24 news bulletin on yet another British study meant to test an obvious, common knowledge “fact”, I felt I had to find it. The news segment attributed the research to a London’s outfit (ucl-rscrch), but I was only able to find it in a tweet (twt-uclnws). The tweet points to an article in The Times (ttms-grwsrght) which is likely behind a paywall, but it does reveal the study title.

Although published recently, Small Penises and Fast Cars: evidence for a psychological link (PDF) has already been covered by a number of outlets: ifl-hspdsc, rdt-spafc, ipr-tmspfc, brbb-stcnfpt.

In the process of looking for the aforementioned study, I found a few others: Overdoing Gender (rg-ogatmoct, js-ogatmoct), rdt-d8n, hsm-infcom, mdmrm-ismsr, cbt-nciw, tne-gs, wapo-ronpmbj, sd-midhbtm, sj-mopggstm, dcs-bmanl, crnl-momt.

If you haven’t followed the news lately, this has all come to the fore following Andrew Tate’s tweet to Greta, to which she replied, and the subsequent celebration of this by the left-wing media; meanwhile, Vice published a “Special Report” on physical abuse.

I plan on writing more once I am done going through the sources.

Sources / More info: rdt-d8n, ucl-rscrch, twt-uclnws, ttms-grwsrght, ifl-hspdsc, rdt-spafc, ipr-tmspfc, brbb-stcnfpt, hsm-infcom, mdmrm-ismsr, cbt-nciw, tne-gs, js-ogatmoct, rg-ogatmoct, wapo-ronpmbj, sd-midhbtm, sj-mopggstm, dcs-bmanl, crnl-momt, twt-gt

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