Monday, January 19, 2009

About Us as a FAQ

If you've got questions for Cracanel, we've got answers!

What should I expect to find here?

Irreverent, irresponsible, iconoclast, borderline, fringe, unconventional and underground crap. If you are easily offended, it’s better to look elsewhere for sweet nothings or comfort food.

I would like to contribute!

..and we'd LOVE to hear from you! Please complete the form, including a sample of your writing or email us.

How can I contact you?

Leave a comment to this page, email us at cracanelus at gmail dot com or complete the form.

Why on Blogger / Blogspot?

Started initially as a personal project on Wordpress, this site was transitioned to Blogger / Blogspot as it better fits the collaborative / hands-off paradigm that its Fathers, Cracanel and Indelible Bonobo envisioned. We also feel that this is the best and easiest platform to publish on.

Do you accept ads / commercials / donations?

We don’t really need financial incentives to speak our minds. For this reason, we are not in a big hurry to implement ads. We will most likely add AdSense or others later on, as we feel this is the best way to compensate Google for offering us all these amazing publishing tools for free (i.e., expanding their ad network). If you have a commercial proposition, please use emai. However, we are not interested in pyramid / get rich quick schemes, so please don’t waste our time with crap.

What template are you using and how did you modify it?

We don’t want to attract traffic with such tips. For technical questions please try BlogIdol. OTOH, the template we’re using, EboNeo, is released under a CC SA license. To comply with this license, to maintain our sanity and as a service to the community, we keep our ChangeLog and ToDo list in a big document which is public and viewable below. Any technical questions will be answered in this document. Please ask questions via comments – questions asked in any other way will be ignored.

Why are you not more forgiving with newbies?

This blog is not technical. There are numerous blogs / forums / websites dedicated to technical stuff. We actively discourage this topic. However, for compliance with the terms of our template and also as a general service to our community we are happy to share our tips and experience in web-publishing. Please do not expect quick responses to technical questions - it's not in our nature.

I'd like to exchange links with you!

We are glad to reciprocate! Please insert a link to us, complete the form above in question 3 and we'll add you in our blogroll. We aim to do so within 36 hours but if for some reason we haven't, kindly remind us with an email.

Logo / Banners

If you want to promote us, here's our logo square of 144 pixels:

Cracanel semi-exposed top
Here's our bottom logo:

Cracanel semi-exposed bottom
If you would like to display a different size, please let us know!

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