Monday, September 15, 2014

Arabic and Anal Sex

Today I was going to tell some bloggers important things about life, but then I thought I put it here.

Elena-Udrea-PresedinteFirst, this photo may have been censored, so we’re republishing it here. It features a candidate to presidency with some sort of photoshopped present on her face.

In an article titled “love decapitation” (decapitating-<3), Oana Maria writes (google translation):

I've read about beheadings made ​​by the Islamic State. Initially I was upset, I was angry, I wanted their death, I thought they were just pawns, there's no point to hate’em, I forgave them. Then I thought what I'd do if I were a hostage on camera? And I thought I'd say i love you. And they would be angry and would hit my head on the ground and said: day that US allies are our enemies and they are responsible for your death. And I'd say i love you and I would pull out my nails and I would continue obsessively i love you i love you anyway I have nothing to lose, I'll kill you. And eventually get bored and kill me while I cry i love you, because it's the only message that seems important to convey before I die. Flower power, blabla, you can say what you want, but this is the only message that matters. And then I thought, what would people say if I post this stuff and how they’d jump to my face how dare I talk about something that I have not lived, who am I to imagine a diva in a romantic film crying i love you until the last minute, it’d never occur to them that i'd say it from the soul, with all my heart. And indignant comments would flow, hater-ing, hatred, anger, insults. but it's ok, it seems worth it. It is worth to say how you feel regarding the awful things happening in the world, not that they deserve it, but we all have to express ourselves more about what is happening. sincerely. This should not pass us by while we perceive it as desensitized zombies. So let the hate flow, but let also flow the sincerity, honesty, love. I love you.

It’s easy to talk about our courage and the things we’d do from the comfort of our sofa. What I suspect happened with the captives, before they were executed, was a lot of abuse, mostly of the shameful kind. They may have seen those who refused to do their captors’ bidding die more painful deaths for nothing – their captors would still get the message across by saying it themselves. And while one could be a hero for a few minutes or hours, it’s a bit harder to be a hero for months.

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For you see, my best Arabic comes out when I’m having anal sex. If we’re doggy style, I reach to her ear and I start telling her: makhara chara mchana khana. I can go on and on, for hours. The trick to good Arabic is a strong “cH”, so strong, that deep throat saliva could come out.

I find that most women have the same attitude toward these loving words as they do toward anal sex. At first, they dislike it, but once they discover there’s more pleasure in it than there is pain, they give in to it, and their ass becomes bigger, better and more receptive as a result.

Mind you, Hebrew, as far as I’ve been told, has certain things in common with Arabic, such as the strong “cH”; however, I have always associated it with pegging more so than with active anal sex (i.e., pegging would be passive from my perspective).

I never tried that kind of Hebrew. Have you?

Sources / More info: eu-pres, decapitating-<3

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