Friday, March 1, 2013

Mica rugaminte! (Sergiu feat. Andrei)

I’ve recently discovered a Romanian song. I have a feeling I’ll be referring to it later, so I am posting it here together with its lyrics and Romanian translation.

Inspired, I decided to re-write some famous lyrics by Nichita Stanescu:

Mai suge-mi-o,
un minut
Mai suge-mi-o,
o secunda,
Mai suge-mi-o
un anotimp,
un an, un timp

Anyway, judge for yourself (English translation below):

Buna dimineata, iubito

iubesc cosmarul ce ma trezeste langa tine

iubesc gerul ce ma-ncalzeste cu tine

iubesc tunetul ce-mi aduce in palma ta mana

iubesc traficul ce ne tine-mpreuna

iubesc moartea ca ne tine-n viata

iubesc varful de munte ca ne desparte de lume c-o ceata

iubesc saracia ca ne tine in casa

iubesc vesnicia ca este a noastra

iubesc iadul cand pacatuiesti cu mine

dar nu iubesc nimic cum te iubesc pe tine

iar astea nu-s vorbe de prisos, sunt juraminte

dar am si eu o mica rugaminte.


as vrea s-o sugi o data

linge-o pe lung, ca-i lata

nu tre’ s-o iei pe toata

hai suge-o, cat esti beata


iubesc cand parintii tai nu sunt acasa

iubesc cand vii beata de la terasa

iubesc ziua mea cand esti mai inimoasa

iubesc sa te privesc de sus – esti mai frumoasa!

am vorbit cu maica-ta, si te lasa

iar eu iubesc sa-mi dau drumul dupa masa


m-am saturat de laba, iti jur ca m-am saturat de laba ca ursul de ghinde

deci nu mai pot, mi-o iau la laba de atata vreme ca ejaculez amintiri

R x2

am dus cainele afara – asa ca suge-mi-o

am spalat toate vasele – asa ca suge-mi-o

nu m-am futut cu multe altele – asa ca suge-mi-o

am facut si eu o data – asa ca suge-mi-o

hai ca nu-i asa furata – asa ca suge-mi-o

e perioada aia a lunii – asa ca suge-mi-o

si eu ti-am facut tie – asa ca suge-mi-o

am incercat, dar eu n-ajung – asa ca suge-mi-o

Here’s the slightly corrected English translation:

Good morning, baby

I love the nightmare that wakes me up beside you

I love the cold that warms me up with you

I love the thunder that reunites our hands

I love the traffic that keeps us together

I love the death that keeps us alive

I love mountain peak that separates us from the world like fog

I love poverty that keeps us at home

I love eternity because is ours

I love hell when you sin with me

but I love nothing like I love you

and these are not superfluous words, they’re vows

but I have a small request.


I wish you sucked it once

Lick it lengthwise cuz it’s wide

don 't have to take it all

suck on it, while you are drunk


I love it when your parents are not home

I love it when you get home drunk from the pub

I love my birthday when you're more heartful

I love to look down on you - you're more beautiful!

I talked to your mom and she allows it

and I love to come after a meal


I'm tired of wanking, I swear I'm tired of wanking like a bear of acorns

so I can’t do it anymore, I’ve been wanking for so long that I ejaculate memories

Chorus x2

I took the dog for a walk - so suck me

I washed all the dishes - so suck me

I have not fucked many others - so suck me

I did it myself once - so suck me

it’s clean - so suck me

it’s that time of the month - so suck me

I did it to you too - so suck me

I tried, but did not reach it - so suck me

Sources / More info: glumesc

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