Monday, June 4, 2012

Rocco Luka Magnotta: murder, video, arrest and hypocrisy

I haven't watched the video. What disturbs me most about this whole story right now is how hypocritical everybody is about censoring his videos.

Lin Jun, the victimAfter killing 33-year-old Lin Jun (pictured in the photo), and filming his dismemberment, this moronic monster seems to have finally been apprehended in Berlin. I’m not going to post any photos of him here; he really, Really, REALLY pisses me off.

According to Encyclopaedia Dramatica, Rocco Luka Magnotta was born Eric Clinton, was mentally challenged, grew up to be a male prostitute, killed and tortured a bunch of kittens (not a joke!) and also appeared in “adult movies.” Direct quotes:

  • Luka is still on the run. He was last known to be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Through his internet messages he has indirectly threatened to kill more animals and even progress to humans
  • After limping through thirteen excruciatingly shitty pornos, the series was cancelled due to a typical case of nobody cares. By this time, Magnotta had already moved to Los Angeles, hoping to further his career in porn. His roommate was Timothy Boham, a male prostitute, notable for killing one of his johns. After seeing Boham become famous for killing a man, Magnotta decided to take the pussy road to fame by beginning his cat killing series, because cats can't fight back.

Luckily, the suspect was most likely arrested so we can all breathe more easily. But what annoys me still is the hypocrisy of those who downloaded and watched his video:

Magnotta Comments on PirateBay

I don’t believe this video should be censored. If you don’t trust that most people are capable of distinguishing between right and wrong and would be influenced by it, than you should not be in a position of power. If there are those who could commit copycat murders, they will find out about it and commit them whether this is censored or not.

Not long ago, Toronto was faced with a serial killer with innocent looks: Paul Bernardo. After several gruesome murders of young girls (all filmed), he was apprehended. It took a long time for the videos to be found, even though they were hidden in his house in an air duct. Police searched it for months and couldn’t find them, but his lawyer was able to go in and, supposedly, take the videotapes straight from under their nose. After the videos were taken, the judges imposed a publication ban and a rather successful “video removal” drive. But has that made Toronto safer? I don’t think so. It has probably only fuelled speculations. There were persistent rumours that Paul Bernardo was a member of the same Masonic Lodge as the policemen who searched his house, that the deal his wife and chief accomplice, Karla Homolka, struck with the prosecution was tainted by the lack of video proof (which showed her as an active participant in the rapes, torture and murder even of her own sister), that his videos widely circulated among those who censored them and their friends etc. Releasing the video would have greatly sabotaged the rumour mill. Unfortunately, this was not the first, nor the last such episode of dysfunction within the Canadian press.

About two years ago I was deeply annoyed when my one video – on a Russian political prostitution job – that contained no actual nudity was censored by YouTube under false pretences. That was an important video to watch for anyone who wanted to make sense of Russian oligarchy and political blackmail. Unfortunately, once YouTube decides that your video must disappear, there isn’t much, if anything, that you can do :(

I do not know how to deal with monsters such as Magnotta and Breivik. While Magnotta is technically a retard, Breivik was much smarter, but his intelligence and the harmony of the society surrounding him did not prevent him from curbing so many lives. I just think that censorship has, on balance, more negative effects than positive and a victim’s rights (which, btw, are vaguely defined and controversial) should not outweigh the public’s need to be educated and to educate itself.

To download the movie, get Tribler then copy and paste the magnet link below into it.

Sources / More info: arrest, ed, tpb, magnet, censorship, Tribler

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