Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VIDEO: Katya Gerasimova screws up Russian opposition

What is better than bringing down a Government with an old-fashioned sex scandal? Obviously, bringing down the Opposition. And that is precisely what Putin has masterfully done with Katia – at least, according to those with intimate knowledge of the problemher ins and outs.

LE: YouTube has removed the video, so I will add it soon, if I can, back to the list with my own commentary. Left in the playlist are some possibly related videos – close, but no cookie. This video is important not so much for its PG-13 sexuality (most sex scenes are blacked out), but for how “democracy” works in Russia. By censoring the video YouTube only shows that their “non-evil” version of goodness is at least as corrupt, if not even more so. Meanwhile, Putin laughs in his palace.

Katya Gerasimova Is she the most effective government spy unleashed on the Russian opposition, or simply a sex pet / geisha / escort for the elite whose exploits have been filmed with or without her knowledge?

Her modeling agency, New Best Models, tells us her measurements..

Height: 5'8.5"
Eyes: Grey - blue
Breast: 34"
Hair: Dark grey
Waist: 24"
Shoes size: 7
Hip: 34"
Age: 19

..and shows us some photos:

The Telegraph completes the picture:

Offering her body, sex, and drugs from cocaine to marijuana as an inducement, ''Katya'', as she is usually known, has tried and often succeeded in bedding at least half-a-dozen high-profile Kremlin critics and other political figures. The damage to reputations has varied from serious to negligible depending on her victim's marital status and response.

Her latest scalp was Viktor Shenderovich, a journalist and the scriptwriter on Russia's former version of the Spitting Image television satire.

Mr Shenderovich, who is married and has a daughter, admits that he slept with Ms Gerasimova but claims he was set up by the Kremlin.

His credibility as an authoritative critic of the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, appears to have been at least partly dented and his marriage is reportedly in trouble.

The editor of Russian Newsweek magazine also fell under Ms Gerasimova's spell and was filmed in his underpants chopping up what looked like cocaine after having sex.

A clutch of anti-Kremlin opposition figures and activists, including a man resembling the leader of the National Bolshevik Party, have also been caught in flagrante delicto.

But unlike Soviet times, when the secret service used compromising material to blackmail, Ms Gerasimova's exploits have been widely publicised in grainy videos on the internet.

The footage is often accompanied by mocking music and subtitles. It has taken a few weeks for the victims to realise that they have all been set up by the same woman.

Yet little is known about Ms Gerasimova beyond that she is in her twenties and is registered with an online modelling agency. Nicknamed ''Moo-Moo'' after the surname she uses on a social networking site, men said she used different first names and was highly persistent in her advances.

Is she a victim or a predator? Was she indeed some sort of Russian Nikita Devochka, working for the money or for staying alive, or did she think she’s helping Mother Russia? The rest of the videos in the playlist below will hopefully give an answer..

Sources / More info: nbm-eg, telegraph-kg, smh-kg, huff-kg, yt-katya-gerasimova

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