Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Soprano who went Koo-Koo

There is certain crap you just can't make up. In a piece of news I expected to find in the Odd News section of a respected website, I learned that a Soprano went through 3 consecutive steps to ensure that she dies.

So what has actually happened?

20101122-001-screencap As it turns out, the 39 y.o. artist committed suicide on Saturday. She took a fistful of pills, slashed her wrists and then asphyxiated herself with multiple plastic bags, in her bathroom. For once, I agree with “psychologist / criminalist” Tudorel Butoi:

Artists are more sensitive personalities and is normally more difficult for them to pass through the economic and social crisis. Unfortunately, Roxana Briban could not manage the drama of retirement. I think she was influenced by Madalina Manole [suicide]. We may witness more such tragedies in the world of art.

Earlier this year, MM, another big Romania singer committed suicide by taking an insecticide, Furadon. The Romanian police reacted intelligently by arresting the man who sold the legal insecticide to Madalina Manole.

The widower accused the Opera director of having caused the Soprano’s suicide by having her fired. The Opera director, Cătălin Ionescu Arbore, declared that she actually quit her job. What may have happened is that she was offered a contract which she deemed insulting, she quit in protest, then changed her mind and offered to sing for free, but she was no longer accepted, as the Opera director wanted to make a point.

There seems to be a major generational handover taking place. The old guard went through a lot to achieve their current status. The newcomers face far less competition and a declining society, both demographically and culturally. The divas find it deeply unfair to have to relinquish their position not because they are no good, but rather just because they’re no longer young.

Sources / More info: briban-punga, Roxana-Briban, yt-rb

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