Friday, November 19, 2010

Save a life, get accused of murder

A man, awakened late at night by some major hubbub, woke up an jumped into the freezing water to save a woman from a sinking car.

Taylor Cole VanderhookLuckily, Police got it right:

"He, no doubt in my mind, saved her life," said Ocean City police spokeswoman Jessica Waters. "When you look up 'hero' in the dictionary, that's what you find. Thank goodness he was there."

Police said it was about 2 a.m. Monday when Taylor Cole Vanderhook of Fenwick Island drove across the parking lot of Macky's Bayside Grill at 54th Street, bumped a pontoon boat on blocks, then drove into a canal behind a Candy Kitchen and Chauncey's Surf Shop.

Coming to her rescue was Chris Sullivan, the general manager of the adjacent Yang's Palace restaurant, who said he suffered a sleepless night after pulling her from her sinking car.

"I felt like the girl had died," he said. "She came so close. I wonder if she knew. ... I wonder how close to death she came. It haunts me even now. It's surreal."

After rescuing her from the car by breaking into it, here’s what he got:

"She said, 'Dude, I'm gonna kill you -- you broke my car.' I said, 'Darling, you gotta get out, or you're going to die,' " Sullivan said.

Sullivan offered to give Vanderhook a ride home, but police soon arrived, finding her at a nearby bus stop, and arrested her.

By the time police arrived, her car was completely submerged in the 50-degree water. The Ocean City Fire Department Water Rescue Team checked to make sure no one else was inside.

Vanderhook was charged with negligent driving, failure to provide identification, driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence.

According to charging documents, Ocean City Police Pfc. Pat Flynn was taking her back to the police station when she told him, "If you drop me off here, I'll give you $20 ... I'll pay you anything, just let me go."

She offered increasing amounts up to $200 in exchange for her release, police said. Police also charged Vanderhook with attempting to bribe a public official.

Vanderhook is scheduled to face her charges Dec. 16 in Ocean City District Court. Court records show Vanderhook was also charged in 2007 with drunken driving in Ocean Pines. She pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while impaired, paying $458 in court costs and fines.

Kill your saviour, bribe the police. Way to go, Taylor..

Sources / More info: dol-man

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