Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1912 Brothel Menu

I got an email with a purported scan of a very old British brothel menu. I'm sure the Snoop Doggy Dogs in my readership will want to know that is it about, so here you go :)

I can’t hold back much longer.. Here it is:



What do the numbers mean? Glad you asked:

The symbol £ is the British monetary pound. It is a capital letter L in script with two short horizontal bars across the stem (akin to the dollar sign $). The L represents 'libra', the dollar sign 'solodus' from the old European monetary system of Libra:solidus:denarius.

In Georgian print $ equalled a Shilling, it's where you get your modern (post Independence) dollar from!

It's a Georgian guide to brothels circa 1760-90.

I could type up the whole thing for you, but I’m too lazy :)

Sources / More info: forum


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