Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ayatollah! Leave the kids alone!

Next to North Korea, Iran might appear to be a functional, democratic, open country. But that's not how we'll be looking at them..

Blurred VisionWhen Iran makes the news lately, there’s almost always something embarrassing.

I could tell you about

  • the weird connection between religious business and economic stagnation
  • an Iranian from Toronto who lectures the government about haircuts
  • Iran lecturing Canada on human rights
  • a very recent attack on President Ahamdinejad
  • Ahmadinejad speech in USA when he claimed that there are no gays in his country
  • the green revolution
  • the voting age in Iran (16, as I recall)
  • the fracas with the “spy” who returned to his wife, eerily similar to Nasreh & Diocletian

Instead, I’ll just give you the links below and a song from a group accused on their facebook page of being sponsored by the CIA Oh go on

Sources / More info: wiki-iran, natpo-bv, tstar-haircut, tsun-lectures, np-iran-denies, msnbc-unhurt

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