Sunday, September 15, 2019

the breakup game

I’ve have never been good at saying good-bye of any kind, including funerals. And as a consequence, I have also avoided playing the break-up game as much as I could.

caption of tweet asking: what is hardest for you to say: 1. I love you 2. I was wrong, I'm sorry 3. I need help 4. Worcestershire Sauce 5. I appreciate you.By break-up game I mean the situation created by someone in a couple (in my experience, always my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend) who “breaks up”, without really meaning to, as a way to test the relationship’s strength and re-adjust the power balance. It feels like a test of “how much you want her back”. I don’t think I alone see it this way, so I looked into a number of resources.

Sources / More info: gg-bg, cg-b4abkup, cc-wcbu, ta-rsdt, vx-bsr, nih-study, w-breakup, md-3wrbu, apa-romrel, tc-closure, pt-tebu, gc-4r2ear

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