Wednesday, August 11, 2010

music can never get old

That's because, obviously, we have covers. Good songs cannot be out of the public eye and ear for more long because someone will take them and make them theirs through their own interpretation.

tiger james CCEach cover song I love deserve its very own spot, separate from the rest. Unfortunately, that would cause this page to load too slowly, so I put them all in the playlist below. Do not despair though, for you can navigate it by either pressing the big arrows to the left and right or, alternatively, clicking on the video clip thumbnails at the bottom.

What do we have?

Well, we have quite a few ABBA songs, remixed by Mad Caddies (SOS), Arno (Knowing me, Knowing You) and even Reel Big Fish’s A-ha (Take on Me). Then there’s Milkshake, covered by Buddy and Goodnight Nurse, Oops! I did it again in Children of Bodom’s interpretation. It’s hard to pick from Marilyn Manson’s covers, but I liked his “Tainted Love”. Same goes for Bohemian Rhapsody in The Braids’ version, or Neutral Milk Hotel’s cover of John Lennon’s Mother.

I particularly enjoyed Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill as covered by both Placebo and Within Temptation.

I am still not sure if I’ll add Johnny Cash covers from his very last album – they seem somehow way too personal. What I am sure of is that this list will most likely keep on growing, as I add more innovative, impactful covers.

Sources / More info: flickr, yt-covers

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