Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gabriel Grecu set-up in Moscow

A Romanian diplomat was busted spying by FSB then detained, in an apparent violation of Vienna Convention and what seems to be Russia’s show of force against its former satellite and possibly retribution for USA’s busting of the suburban spy ring. 

Not long ago we’ve heard about a Katya Gerasimova, apparently a Russian spy, embarrassing the Russian opposition to Vladimir Putin’s establishment, to which Youtube reacted by censoring it. Then the US dropped the bomb with the 10 Americanized Russian spies (and we were supposed to believe that), to which Russia reacted by calling it fabrication. Then Anna Fermanova was busted for trying to smuggle military equipment to Russia.

Gabriel Grecu, Romanian DiplomatYesterday, we were told that Russia arrested a Romanian diplomat who was apparently “stealing Russian secrets”. The videos below should be edifying.

Normally, such events happen without media coverage. The only time when there is a big event is when one of the parties wants to capitalize on it. It seems that Russia does not like Romania much, it does not like the Moldovan Republic trying to escape poverty and certainly does not like Romania, a NATO member, building missile defenses that would protect NATO countries from Middle Eastern launches, even though that would – technically – have nothing to do with it.

What is unusual is Russia’s handling of the diplomat, which certainly violated his diplomatic immunity. It seems that the message is “You, Romania, think that just because you’re NATO, you can mess with us?! We are Putin, we piss on y’all”.

In turn, Romania expelled a similarly ranked Russian diplomat. Way to go, security theatre directors!

Sources / More info: bbc, cnn, fp, itar, xinhua, en, reuters, rt, actmedia, wikio, hn, yt-gr

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