Friday, March 1, 2013


derping around on tubes I found an interesting comment, which brought back memories of Rimbaud..

namol-mamaiaBut before going there, to set the mood, why don’t we start with a poem by Marin Sorescu..

I carry [sapropelic] mud with a bucket
To the women who practice nudism.
In my youth I had a better opinion
About women;
But someone must do
This work as well.

They no longer hide from me
They call me “the one who brings mud”
And they carry on with their nudism.
In fact I no longer notice them either,
I call them “the women who muddy themselves”
And I think of my own problems.

Sometimes I suddenly get
An overwhelming urge to swear
Fuck life
Old age
All these fucks
Become good quality mud.
In any case women find it very good
And smear themselves with it.

So what was the comment? Here it is:

Sa vina din partea unui barbat acest articol ... Mult adevar! Ultima data am simtit ce spui tu la 25 de ani si cateva luni. De atunci nimic ... Nu mai vreau fluturasi ci siguranta :)..and here’s the translation:

To come from a man this article … Very true! Last time I felt what you describe when I was 25. Since then nothing … I don’t want butterflies but security Smile

Raluca, the other one, says that she’s 22 and identifies herself as being in the same boat. Well, anyway, here’s what Rimbaud wrote in “The Foolish Virgin”:

“He says: “I don’t love women. Love has to be reinvented, we know that. The only thing women can ultimately imagine is security. Once they get that, love, beauty, everything else goes out the window: all they have left is cold disdain, that’s what marriages live on nowadays. Sometimes I see women who ought to be happy, with whom I could have found companionship, already swallowed up by brutes with as much feeling as an old log…”

Security: what all bitches want :)

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