Saturday, January 19, 2013

Having a baby vs Starting a business

Our favourite hermit has come up with a list of reasons why having a baby makes more sense than starting a business. Not only that we agree, but we have an even better idea.

trilema-vexareHere’s a summary:

  1. the woman “advantage”: “Women make exceptional partners in most circumstances - they are physically more resilient than men, they have better stress tolerance and higher pain thresholds, they live longer and actually need less to be happy. In the case of the business at hand however, they have (unlike the vast majority of partners you will ever enjoy) both exceptional motivation and exceptional advantages. (..) Rarely will you find a partner that can literally breastfeed your business. Most women can and do this - and the baby visibly benefits from it.”
  2. enjoyment: “starting a baby is actually enjoyable”
  3. survivability: “most babies survive / most businesses fail”
  4. attachment: “a baby is at least marginally aware of you and will in most circumstances not simply move on to the highest bidder”
  5. genes / culture transmittal: “If you are intelligent, you may, if you choose, do some work to put some of it into the child, but whether you do or you don’t is highly irrelevant : genetics already took care of it.”

While I generally agree with most points, I take issue with his statement that women “actually need less to be happy” – unless you also take the view that “less is more.”

Our own suggestion, rejected by his commenting system, was that he starts a business enabling people to have babies while by-passing the first requirement through newer reproductive technologies. There may already be such businesses operating, but we doubt that they accept bitcoin as payment. Also, through his large body of experience in selling bodies and porn he might be able to offer the kind of value-added services that would enable his business to stand up from the crowd. CoolDevilCowboy

Sources / More info: tri-baby,

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