Thursday, July 26, 2012

Luxury prostitution prices in Romania

After presenting our readers the market prices for street prostitution on the Black Sea Coast, we are pleased to disclose the "upscale" prices, for the sophisticated gentleman..

Andreea-Elena-Marta & Codrut MartaIf you guessed it’s still cheap, you’re right! In a country marred by academic underperformance, when clients asked for a “prize-winning” or “A-scoring” girl, the “madam” and her sister, Maria Magdalena Lungu (38), were asking for a minimum of E1000. Andreea Elena Marta (28) is the wife of the “right-hand man” of the former president of the most important agency of the Ministry of Finance (ANAF). However, for most encounters, the price was 250-300 euro.

Marta was “mail-ordering” virgins from the Republic of Moldova for 3000 euro, while in Bucharest the price was 10000. The investigation revealed over 30 prostitutes in this network.

In seemingly unrelated news, Romania is mentioned together with Russia and Ukraine in a group of countries where AIDS has exploded since 2001 by 266% – according to the 2011 UN report. Until 2009, 16077 Romanians were diagnosed with AIDS, of which 9802 were younger than 14. Less than 10000 were still alive as 2010 began.

Sources / More info: proTV, zdi, anaf, sida, mafia-pdl, g-retea, hn-marta

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