Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nicolas Cage would die 4 honor

..but not for cold. At least that's what we make of a recent scandal in Bucharest. See it for yourself!

Filming Ghost Rider 2, Cage appeared to Show/Off:

"You know it! I get in the car and you walk away! Otherwise, you wanna kill me? Don’t fuck with my brothers! I would fuckin’ die in the name of honor! I would die right now! Want to hit me in the head? Go for it!"

Nicolas Cage starts to walk away.

Get off me! Don’t touch me!

See it in my eyes! I’m not a liar! That man is NOT a liar!

Respect him as you’re respecting me!

[bodyguard] Be careful! Get in the car NOW!

Fuck you! I would DIE in the name of honour!

cage-la-clujApparently, one of the extras protested against the working conditions, where they were being kept in the cold while Cage was caged in the his car, where it was warm. There are other reports that the altercation took place outside a night club and had nothing to do with filming. If that were true, Cage was most likely under some kind of “influence”.

Now, as we have previously shown, Bucharest can be colder and with more snow than a mountain resort in the winter. It’s also normal for extras to have worse work conditions than the star. What Nicolas tried to show is that he has not forgotten the time when he himself was a low-paid actor.

But has that ever happened? Cage grew up in the Coppola family, attended Beverly Hills High School, is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and changed his name early in his career “to avoid the appearance of nepotism” according to wikipedia. Furthermore:

  • born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964
  • at age 32, became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas
  • His father, August Coppola, was a professor of literature, while Cage's mother, Joy Vogelsang, is a dancer and choreographer
  • Cage has been married three times. His first wife was the actress Patricia Arquette (married on April 8, 1995, divorce finalized on May 18, 2001). Cage's second wife was singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, of whom Cage is a fan and on whom he based his performance in Wild at Heart. His third and current wife Alice Kim, a former waitress who previously worked at the Los Angeles restaurant Kabuki, met Cage at the Los Angeles-based Korean nightclub, Le PrivĂ©. She is the mother of his son, Kal-El (born October 3, 2005), named after Superman's birth name.
  • He once owned the medieval castle of Schloss Neidstein in the Oberpfalz region in Germany, which he bought in 2006 and sold in 2009 for $2.5 million.
  • In August 2007, Cage purchased a home in Middletown, Rhode Island. The 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2), brick-and-stone country manor occupies 26 acres (110,000 m2), has 12 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, and ocean views and borders the Norman Bird Sanctuary. The estate is called the "Grey Craig". Also in 2007, the actor purchased Midford Castle in Somerset, England.
  • Shortly after selling his German castle, Cage also put homes in Rhode Island, Louisiana, Nevada, and California, as well as a $7 million island in the Bahamas, up for sale.
  • On July 14, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service filed documents in New Orleans in connection with a federal tax lien against property owned by Cage in Louisiana, concerning unpaid federal taxes. The IRS alleges that Cage failed to pay over $6.2 million in federal income tax for the year 2007. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service has another lien for more than $350,000 in unpaid taxes dating from 2002 to 2004. Cage filed a $20 million lawsuit on October 16, 2009, against his business manager, Samuel J. Levin, alleging negligence and fraud. The lawsuit states that Levin "had failed to pay taxes when they were due and had placed [Cage] in speculative and risky real estate investments 'resulting in (the actor suffering catastrophic losses'." Cage is also facing separate lawsuits from East West Bank and Red Curb Investments for unpaid, multimillion dollar loans.
  • Samuel Levin filed a counter-complaint and responded to the lawsuit in a filing stating that he warned Cage that he was living beyond his means and urged him to spend less. Levin's filing states that "instead of listening to Levin, cross-defendant Coppola spent most of his free time shopping for high ticket purchases, and wound up with 15 personal residences", Levin's complaint continued: "Likewise, Levin advised Coppola against buying a Gulfstream jet, against buying and owning a flotilla of yachts, against buying and owning a squadron of Rolls Royces, against buying millions of dollars in jewelry and art."
  • In his filing Levin says that in 2007 Cage's "shopping spree entailed the purchase of three additional residences at a total cost of more than $33 million; the purchase of 22 automobiles (including 9 Rolls Royces); 12 purchases of expensive jewelry; and 47 purchases of artwork and exotic items." One of those exotic items was a dinosaur skull of a Tarbosaurus for which Nicolas Cage paid $276,000 in an auction after winning a bidding contest against Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • He is a fan and collector of painter and underground comic artist Robert Williams. He has written introductions for Juxtapoz magazine and purchased the painting Death On The Boards.

It seems Cage went with his family to a small restaurant in another Romanian city where he left a very good impression, also buying one of the pictures on the wall. Here’s what Ebert had to say about him:

There are often lists of the great living male movie stars: De Niro, Nicholson and Pacino, usually. How often do you see the name of Nicolas Cage? He should always be up there. He's daring and fearless in his choice of roles, and unafraid to crawl out on a limb, saw it off and remain suspended in air. No one else can project inner trembling so effectively.... He always seems so earnest. However improbable his character, he never winks at the audience. He is committed to the character with every atom and plays him as if he were him.

I fully agree with Roger Ebert. Nicolas Cage embraces not just his roles with all his heart, but life as well.

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