Thursday, April 29, 2010

Would Putin beat Obama in b-ball?

It seems like there is nothing Putin couldn't do. He succeeded alcoholic Yeltsin and strong-handedly re-enforced state power at the expense of some "unruly" oligarchs - and critics say, democracy itself. He then "retired" in order to kontrol the Kremlin from the shadow.

Putin and Polar bear The latest news to come from his well-oiled (with petroleum-based jelly) media machine is that he attached a radio-transmitter to a polar bear, obviously combining his KGB expertise with the prowess of taking down oligarchs.

This is the latest in a string of similarly PR-brazen accomplishments (videos at bottom):

  • he “saved” Russia from democracy
  • media infested with “sexy” photos of him half naked
  • he “saved” reporters in the forest by shooting Siberian tiger
  • kicks ass at Judo championships
  • divorces old wife, gets new one, survives
  • tags Beluga (whale) in the Pacific Ocean
  • sings / raps on TV
  • does not hesitate in giving reporters curt answers

In a game of basketball, would Obama or Putin win? That’s hard to tell. First of all, Obama has a strong instinct to bow and that’s not helping in a game where you have to jump high in order to win. Putin does not appear to be tall, and besides, I’ve heard that in Russia people only take their furs off to have sex, and even then not entirely. But let us see what Obama cand do:

There was a time when enlightened leaders would fight each other to determine the result of a battle, sparing the lives of their troops. Though USA and Russia are no longer in a cold war, what do you think? Can Putin pull it off?

Sources / More info: putin-tiger, yt-obama, yt-putin

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