Friday, April 23, 2010

feel free to bask in the shadow of my penis

I just had a conversation with a cyber-ex. We had a sort of platonic cyber-relationship in the past, meaning we talked a lot about sex & stuff, but never did anything. One mo’ thing: it’s in Ro.

Cu ceva timp in urma, ne-am tot conversatara, dar ea era mult prea serioasa pentru gustul meu, iar umorul meu era mult prea acid, nerespectuos, ireverent si iconoclast pentru al ei, asa ca am cam incetat sa vorbim.

Tower ShadowTzin’ sa fie, tzin’ sa fie? Nu zic, dar ia de vezi:

Conversation with napocella on 4/23/2010 10:38:15 AM:
Free Online Porn(10:38:25 AM) cracanelu: tu, fata, ce faci ioi?

(10:55:49 AM) napocella: salut
(10:55:51 AM) napocella: scriu
(10:55:52 AM) napocella: ioi?
(10:56:26 AM) cracanelu: si eu, dar probabil altceva

(10:58:44 AM) napocella: da?
(10:58:54 AM) napocella: tu probabil ceva genial si eu probabil ceva de cacat?
(10:59:28 AM) cracanelu: huh?
(10:59:32 AM) cracanelu: ai probleme la servici?
(10:59:48 AM) napocella: nu am
(10:59:49 AM) napocella: de ce?
(11:00:08 AM) cracanelu: pai ce-ti veni cu interpretarea aia complet nejustificata?
(11:00:16 AM) napocella: nimic
(11:00:25 AM) napocella: pur si simplu mi-ai mai dat arogantze
(11:00:26 AM) napocella: :)
(11:00:28 AM) napocella: that's all
(11:00:43 AM) cracanelu: te simti neapreciata de mine, sau in general?
(11:01:02 AM) napocella: de tine
(11:01:06 AM) napocella: nu neapreciata
(11:01:13 AM) napocella: declarativ neapreciata
(11:01:21 AM) napocella: :)
(11:01:28 AM) cracanelu: m-ai inteles gresit :)
(11:01:38 AM) cracanelu: eu sunt cel mai meserias dintre pamanteni
(11:01:48 AM) napocella: i see
(11:01:52 AM) cracanelu: voi, ceilalti, puteti sa va incalziti in umbra mea
(11:02:00 AM) cracanelu: dar asta nu-i un lucru negativ
(11:02:07 AM) cracanelu: eu sunt generos cu umbra mea
(11:02:17 AM) cracanelu: si in acelasi timp imi apreciez supusii
(11:02:21 AM) cracanelu: si am grija de ei
(11:02:27 AM) cracanelu: si de sanatatea lor emotionala
(11:02:28 AM) cracanelu: nu?
(11:02:40 AM) napocella: nu am idee
(11:02:45 AM) napocella: ce faci tu cu supusii tai
(11:02:59 AM) cracanelu: chiar nu? :)
(11:03:12 AM) cracanelu: uita-te in cyber-trecutul nostru comun..
(11:03:16 AM) napocella: ok
(11:03:23 AM) napocella: nu mai am arhiva
(11:03:39 AM) cracanelu: nasol.
(11:03:46 AM) napocella: deloc
(11:03:59 AM) cracanelu: cine-a zis-o p-aia cu "un popor fara istorie beleste pl?"
(11:04:08 AM) napocella: eu nu sunt popor
(11:04:09 AM) cracanelu: iorga, balcescu sau desunsianu?
(11:04:15 AM) napocella: let alone belirea de pula
(11:04:17 AM) napocella: ma doare in cur
(11:04:21 AM) napocella: cine a zis
(11:04:34 AM) cracanelu: :)
(11:04:40 AM) cracanelu: esti sigura ca n-ai draci?
(11:04:59 AM) napocella: sunt sigura ca nu mai imi plac de multa vreme glumitzele acide
(11:05:01 AM) napocella: de muuuuuuulta vreme
(11:05:22 AM) napocella: poate ca is mai edgy ca de obicei pt ca lucrez
(11:05:37 AM) cracanelu: bine, te las
(11:05:43 AM) cracanelu: succese creative!

Ce-mi veni sa public? Pai nimic, atat doar ca am vrut sa-nchei cu ceva, dar n-am vrut s-o distrag. Si anume, ca sa nu te doara-n fund, pe viitor, foloseste KY Jelly sau Astroglide (astea le tine eu minte, ‘or fi altele noi acum)Big GrinLove StruckBlushingTongueKiss.

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