Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first step..

…in unmasking the great Wordpress conspiracy is to actually write the first post. This is kinda hard, since if I have sum pin 2 say, I usually say it wid Blogger/Blogspot. But it wouldn’t be fair to give up before I have given Wordpress a fair chance to grow on me.

Growing on me… He he he… This reminds me of - no, not Uma in Batman, but of a doctor many decades ago who was convinced that a highly contagious disease (typhoid fever, or yellow fever, or something like that) was not contagious. It was a nasty disease that was transmitted through one of the things he tried (can’t remember who or what). To prove his point that the disease was not contagious, he ate the vomit of infected people, splashed himself with diarrhea, and did crazy things with his blood and the blood of the infected. Miraculously, he did not get the disease, but didn’t get the Nobel either.

I feel very much like that lunatic. I dabble in Wordpress just to prove that Blogger / Blogspot is better :)

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