Monday, January 30, 2012

Lisa Kennedy Montgomerry

It's not just that her name is annoyingly long, she is easily the most annoying 40-50 y.o. on the face of the Earth. And that says a lot..

Real Time with Bill Maher’s show on January 27, 2012 featured a weird line-up of guests: two conservatives (well, Bashir is officially liberal, but his heart is conservative, just like Bill) and in between, the most annoying creature that has ever come on his show (I haven’t watched all the episodes, but I find it very hard to think otherwise). KennedyOnBMEverybody on the show seemed to be part of some weird conspiracy to  ignore her constant interruptions. And when Bill brought up the issue of the woman waving her finger at Obama, which he thought was disrespectful to the office of the President, she thought that it was sexist to say that – and so were all these attacks against that woman:


Now, I happen to think that whenever you engage in such an attack (finger waving) you inflict more damage onto yourself than on the one you’re attacking. There are situations when you are forced to do so. Maybe here Obama wanted to cut the meeting short, she kept interposing herself between him and his waiting airplane, he attempted to slightly push her aside and she waved her finger “I won’t let you do that!”.

I happen to think that although not very civilized, that wasn’t such a crime of “lez-president” as Bill Maher makes it to be. However, to claim as Kennedy did that it is sexist to bring up this issue, that’s dumb. She also uses “I’m a philosophy major” as an argument; maybe she didn’t have enough time to make a more convincing, elaborate point, but she ought to know that that’s ipse dixit / appeal to authority. It shouldn’t fly in front of an educated audience. And if she didn’t think Bill Maher’s show on HBO has an educated audience, WTF was she doing being incommensurably disgraceful, inarticulate, catty, hysterical and ultimately stupid (at least relative to the other guests) on there?

At one point, after rudely yawning while the Conservative is making a point, then constantly pointing with her finger left and right, the C (who manages to appear “regular” even while reciting his talking points about Obama wanting to gut the military spending) tries to explain to her “if you don’t let me speak, that’s not fair”. She continues, as if her previous stint at MTV or on Politically Incorrect somehow gave her carte blanche to be annoyingly incorrect for the rest of her life. Or maybe Bill Maher wanted to prove me wrong that he’s not losing his patience.

A quick search has shown her to have been voted the most annoying VJ ever on MTV. Judge for yourself in her interview with NIN & David Bowie (Bowie was going to make fun of her, but Reznor wanted to be serious, esp. in part 2), Love Saves the Day 1996, w/ Steve Isaacs (2), David Pena & the Trailer Park Nation, Tori Amos.

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