Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kravitz on the phone

I find the photo of Lenny Kravitz talking on the street on an old skule headphone attached to his iPhone 4 to be overproduced. Let me tell you why.

Lenny-Kravitz-retro-HandsetYou can see to the right the photo published by TMZ showing Lenny Kravitz with a retro handset attached to what seems to be an iPhone 4. I don’t share the view that he’s so “freakin’ cool” but rather that he’s overhyped and overproduced.

Years ago at a live concert he told a story of how he kept some girl hiding under his bed several days (if not longer) – I didn’t see him telling the story live, I only saw a recording. He seemed to gloat over the fact that his mom did not know about it. I never thought that was a cool story and it’s hard to imagine anyone who would.

He concluded his story with the words “and that is another cool thing that happened to me not long ago”. It left me with the impression of him being just a mask who tells whatever his “media advisors” tell him to say.

I don’t care if he’s popular or not – he annoys me; he doesn’t seem real.

Sources / More info: tmz

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