Thursday, February 17, 2011

frotteurs magnet

A recently viewed videoclip of the Bucharest bus traffic in the 70s reminded me of Japanese subway, as well as frotteurism.

The clip shows people chasing buses, drivers not stopping and everybody running to the first bus even though there are three buses coming in corpore. As we can see in this recent photo, not much has changed:

ratbThere is even an older comedic clip with a “gentleman” who gives his seat to a lady with bags then keeps reminding her and a satirical show about public transportation failings and poor maintenance in ‘73. See also: 1941, 1919-1940, streetcars ‘70s, tramvaie parade, solutions and teaching aid. Also: the subway in Japan.

Romania previously had image issues. Maybe the time has come to advertise itself as a frotteurs’, pedophiles’ and johns’ paradise, as one of it major cities (Constanta) mayors, Mazare, has suggested.

Sources / More info: stache, wiki-concu, wiki-frotteur, trombon-pensionari

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