Friday, January 7, 2011

Y Vadim is not leaving

Inspired by greater bloggers, I've decided to make a short top of reasons why Corneliu Vadim Tudor does not vacate his former office, despite his landlord trying to evacuate him for the past year or so.

Corneliu Vadim TudorIf you don’t keep up with Romanian politics – can’t blame you! – VC Tudor is one of the worst demagogues of the current scene. While during Ceausescu era he penned numerous anilingus poems dedicated to both Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, these days he found a new calling in constantly insulting the elected officials from the shelter of his parliamentary immunity.

For the past year, his landlord has been unsuccessfully trying to evict his party from the abusively occupied office, but to no avail (yt1, yt2). Let us try to figure out his true reasons.

  1. Cine-mparte, parte-si face – law does not apply to lawmakers.
  2. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
  3. People need bread & circus, but bread is fattening.
  4. No moving company would haul the skeletons in his closet.
  5. It otherwise very lonely in his office.
  6. His homing pidgeon brain cannot learn a new address.
  7. He has several mutually loving relationships with the stray dogs in the area and they don’t want to move out.
  8. He gets to exercise his sunglasses vision in the basement batcave.
  9. He would only leave via helicopter, but he ain’t got any.
  10. There’s no better spot in the whole Romania Mare

For the grand finale, let me throw the baby with the bathwater.

Sources / More info: guardian-vc, hn-meprol-who, vp-sinner, evz-calomniator, z-rusine,

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