Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cougar (46) had sex with animals

Though we do not know the exact age of Dovie Lee Kerner's victims, it is safe to bet that they were younger, at least in absolute years. Police charged this woman with "sexual intercourse with an animal", disorderly conduct and making porn - which is, apparently, an offence in Indiana.

Dovie Lee Kerner of Plumville (possibly) Not long ago we were covering possible human-animal hybrids, zoophilia and bestiality. This short news item raises more questions than it answers, leaving most to our febrile imagination (yuck!):

Dovie Lee Kerner, 46, of Plumville also allegedly had sex with other animals including a dog and a pig, court documents state.

The investigation began in November 2008 when it was reported by two officials from the Humane Society of Indiana County, police said.

One of the officials said she received a phone call from a confidential informant who asked her if it was illegal to have sex with an animal. When told yes, the informant said he had a video on his cell phone of Kerner having sex with a horse, court documents state.

Because of Kerner's alleged sexual activities with other men and animals, the informant, who had dated the woman, and his Jack Russell terrier both contracted sexually transmitted diseases, court documents state.

Kerner is charged with two counts each of obscene and other sexual materials and performances and disorderly conduct and one count of sexual intercourse with an animal.

The charges were filed before Magisterial District Judge George Thachik. No preliminary hearing date has been set, according to online court records.

One has to wonder if the “confidential informant” would have taped and reported the woman if he had not become infected with an STD. Furthermore, how can we possibly ascertain that his dog had become infected only from the woman and not from himself as well?

Sources / More info: altoona-indiana-news

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